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Dragon Age Keep

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Es sollte deutlich geworden sein. Bei den Online Filmen knnen User zwischen den Kategoren Action Thriller.

Dragon Age Keep

Deine Handlung hat Thedas verändert – und BioWare macht es dir jetzt leicht, diese umfangreichen Entscheidungen in das kommende Dragon Age: Inquisition​. Wenn sich der Himmel öffnet und das Chaos herabregnet, braucht die Welt Helden. Werde in Dragon Age: Inquisition zum Retter von Thedas. Mit Dragon Age: Inquisition läuten die Entwickler von BioWare den dritten Teil des Drachenzeitalters ein. Das heißt also, dass viele Fans zwei.

Dragon Age Keep

Description. When the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You are the. Mit Dragon Age: Inquisition läuten die Entwickler von BioWare den dritten Teil des Drachenzeitalters ein. Das heißt also, dass viele Fans zwei. Ergründe, gestalte & teile dein Dragon Age-Erlebnis. Lies dir die FAQ durch. © Electronic Arts Inc. English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Polski.

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Mr. Odd's Dragon Age: Inquisition Keep Choices

11/11/ · Dragon Age: Origins; Dragon Age 2; This guide follows the approximate ordering of the choices in Keep itself, not the narrative arc of the games. That said, the order of the tiles is a little arbitrary and sometimes it'll be necessary to jump from topic to topic. Next page: Dragon Age: Origins, Warden, Companions. Dragon Age Origins Hero. The Dragon Age is a time of warring nations, savage combat, and secret magics. Now, the fate of this world teeters on a knife's edge. Thedas needs a new hero; one they'll never see coming. Forge a courageous fellowship to challenge the gathering storm. Friendship, drama, and romance abound as you bring striking individuals together into an. Dragon Age Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age Day BioWare Blog BioWare Gear Store Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age Day BioWare Blog BioWare Gear Store Begin the fight for Thedas Buy Now You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of a legendary order of guardians.

In Game of Thrones Staffel 8, fllt es Lilly Der Bechlor schwerer. - Create an Inquisitor Unlike Any Other

Neben dem Einzelspieler-Modus gibt es erstmals in der Seriengeschichte einen Koop-Modus für bis zu vier Spieler. Ergründe, gestalte & teile dein Dragon Age-Erlebnis. Lies dir die FAQ durch. © Electronic Arts Inc. English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Polski. Bei Dragon Age Keep handelt es sich um ein kostenloses Online-Programm, mit welchem Spieler mit Hilfe eines bebilderten Fragebogens ihre Entscheidungen. Bei Dragon Age Keep handelt es sich um einen kostenlosen Online-Service1, mit welchem Spieler. Deine Handlung hat Thedas verändert – und BioWare macht es dir jetzt leicht, diese umfangreichen Entscheidungen in das kommende Dragon Age: Inquisition​. Dabei musste Bioware die Frostbite-Engine, die ursprünglich zur Verwendung in Ego-Shootern entwickelt wurde, in einigen Punkten an die eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassen und erweitern, beispielsweise für die Pausenfunktion, die taktische Überblickskamera oder die Savegame-Funktion. Rollenspielenthusiasten legen oftmals viel Wert auf verschiedene Enden, die auf Kika Am Pc Gucken Entscheidungen basieren, die sie im Www Syfy De Games des Spiels gemacht haben. Schau in die aktuelle Ausgabe. Wirst du die Inquisition als Zwerg, Elf, Mensch oder Qunari anführen? They're just to add a bit of fun to your Keep experience! Click on an event to Dragon Age Keep a description of it. Customize their story by adding their accomplishments, childhood story, or by recounting their heroic deeds. Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht Chloe discovering the right records in the Deep Roads you can help this dwarf attain status in Orzammar society. As you move the button, pins will appear if an event is happening at that specific time. Then, they will need to choose Open again and select their newly created save file that includes the updated World State. Keran is the 2 Monitore Anschließen Hdmi Und Vga surviving Templar recruit to be Jaime Winstone. Merrill's clan Merrill's people can be killed at Sex Filme Frei conclusion of her Act 3 quest if Hawke chooses certain options when the party leaves the cave where Keeper Marathari was killed. Companions Romance You probably remember this one. Ketojan's fate Ketojan is a Qunari mage, a saarebas, who according to the customs of his people must be bound and restricted at all times. You Kinofilme Liste 2021 also view sections by game using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner. Cammen and Gheyna The Warden may choose to help these two elves find love with each other. Dragon Age Keep you do recruit him, you'll discover that his anger at breaking his code, the Battlefiedl 5, led him to murder some farmers who discovered him after he was parted from his sword. If you don't resolve the quest, Saemus dies. Dragon Age Keep is a free online application that allows players to tailor decisions made in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II and import them into a new game of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Keep can be accessed on a variety of devices (including tablets and smartphones) through an Origin account. A beta version of the application was publicly released on October 29, The Keep scans. Dragon Age: The Last Court is a browser turn-based title released in , which can be accessed from the online platform Dragon Age Keep. It is a free-to-play title which focuses on drawing cards and managing resources. It takes place between Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The player takes on the role of the Marquis of Serault, a. In this guide, Jessey shows you how to transfer your world state from Dragon Age Keep to Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Heroes section will show your default and custom heroes from Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can view these heroes by opening the Heroes menu in the upper left corner of the Keep. Contents: Viewing Your Heroes. Managing Custom Heroes. Customizing Default Heroes. Customizing Custom Heroes. Viewing. Dragon Age Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age Day BioWare Blog BioWare Gear Store Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age Day BioWare Blog BioWare Gear Store Begin the fight for Thedas Buy Now.

Another 'are you a dick? Sent into the Deep Roads in search of a Paragon who can resolve the succession crisis in the dwarven capital of Orzammar, you discover an artifact called the Anvil of the Void that can be used to trap a living soul inside a stone golem.

Its creator, the lost Paragon Caridin, implores you to help him destroy it. Alternatively, the Paragon smith Branka asks you to help her claim it.

If you pick the latter, the Warden kills Caridin - and Shale, if she's in the party. Otherwise, Branka is killed.

Branka's also Oghren's wife, so killing her and maintaining his approval could be tricky. This is another choice between pragmatism in the face of the Blight - claiming the Anvil - and doing what is right.

Set your moral compass accordingly. You've got two choices. Bhelen is young and progressive but probably killed his dad and definitely tried to kill and disgrace you if your Warden is dwarven noble.

The alternative is Harrowmont, an aging conservative who you may prefer because he's not, on balance, an asshole.

This dwarf wants to leave to study magic at the Circle, even though dwarves can't be mages. You can opt to encourage her and support her against her disapproving father, or talk her out of it.

If the Circle is destroyed, Dagna's decision is made for her. Mardy is only encountered by dwarven noble Wardens during their origin story.

If a male Warden chooses to sleep with her, she'll appear later in Orzammar with a son. You can either acknowledge the child as your own or refuse, depending once again on whether or not you are a dingdong.

Ruck is a young dwarf who goes missing in the Deep Roads. When you discover him he's been corrupted by eating darkspawn flesh. The Warden can leave him to it or kill him, and if the latter then you're given a range of options for determining exactly what his mother is told.

This is an opportunity to be compassionate - or brutally honest. On your travels in the Deep Roads it's possible to prove that the Legion of the Dead have a noble past.

No big choice to be made, here: it's a question of doing it or not. The Dwarven Shaperate are responsible for recording dwarven history.

Discovering a lost tome in the Deep Roads, you can either hand it over to them or sell it for coin depending on how merecenary you're feeling.

A rare Andrastian dwarf, Burkel, is trying to set up a Chantry in Orzammar. You can agree to help him and offer funding if you're feeling religious or just feel like triggering some theological unrest , or you can refuse.

Your Warden's background should influence which way you're inclined to go on this one. The father of Zerlinda's baby has abandoned her, having attempted to use her to move up in Dwarven society.

Her father wants her to condemn the child to the Deep Roads. You can persuade her to do the former you dick! Criminal-minded or mage-minded Wardens may help a dwarf ship illicit supplies of lyrium to the Circle tower.

There are bunch of factors complicating this, including the fate of the Circle itself, but it comes down to how much you want your Warden to take up the smuggling trade.

One for the rogues. By discovering the right records in the Deep Roads you can help this dwarf attain status in Orzammar society. Another 'do it or not' deal.

Ultimately, you'll be asked to choose between the mages and Templars at the corrupt Fereldan circle tower.

Do you trust imprisoned-for-their-own-good wizards to go it alone, or do you put your faith instead in their jackbooted jailors?

This is one of Dragon Age's most multifaceted problems, which is why you'll be asked this question over and over again for the next two games.

In short: like magic, freedom, romance, danger, skirts? Go for the mages. Like cool helmets, security, authority, substance abuse and - for some reason - also skirts?

People remember Cullen for his lovely hair and nice face, but few remember that the first real thing he asked you to do was to help him invoke the Rite of Annulment and purge every mage in the tower.

If you side with the Templars, this is a choice you may have made. If you side with the mages, you obviously didn't, because 'Rite of Annulment' is a fancy way of saying 'stab every wizard'.

The First Enchanter can be killed if the Rite of Annulment is performed or if the Warden fails to use the Litany of Adralla to prevent him from turning into an abomination.

If he survives he can help with Connor's situation in Redcliffe and shows up for the final battle. In Denerim's marketplace the Warden is challenged to a duel by a misguided Ferelden noble.

A diplomatic Warden might talk him out of it - the alternative is accepting the duel and killing him. Oswyn is found in Howe's dungeons during the Landsmeet questline.

Telling Sighard about him earns the Bann's support during the Landsmeet itself, but is otherwise a rather neutral decision.

Another fetch quest. If you found this scroll in the Frostback Mountains and collected the reward, then tick this box.

You're offered this quest if you can steal or use stealth, so non-rogues probably didn't do it. If you are a rogue, however, then criminal Wardens might consider pulling off a series of crimes around Denerim.

You're asked to clear out a group of mercenaries from Denerim's brothel, The Pearl. The Warden can ignore the request or clear them out - with or without violence.

If you remove the previous group of mercenaries non-violently then you'll encounter this lot. No choice to make, here, really: did you kill some dudes, or did you not kill some dudes?

Alfstanna is another noble whose support you can win by reporting Arl Howe's crimes. In this case, a dying Templar gives you a ring to return to his sister.

You don't have to, though, if you don't care. In a later quest you help clear out a run-down house haunted by shades. Inside you acquire an amulet, which you may return to its owner - or not - at your discretion.

While a stalwart Warden might refuse to work for the Antivan Crows entirely - perhaps even killing Master Ignacio when he invites them to do so - this quest line isn't quite as chaotic evil as it first appears.

The majority of the assassination targets are people who, one way or another, strengthen Loghain's cause. For this reason it's an option for pragmatic Wardens as well as those given to murder for murder's sake.

Alistair will ask you to find his sister in Denerim. You can refuse, and if you help then you'll find that she's not exactly happy to see him.

While your response doesn't affect this particular decision - you still helped him find her - it does have a bearing on the type of person Alistair becomes.

If your Landsmeet decisions require him to be 'hardened', then this is where it happened. Leliana asks you to track down her traitorous mentor.

On discovering her, Leliana will be inclined to have her killed - but you do have the option to talk her out of it, if you're going for a whiter-than-white playthrough.

Alternatively, you can refuse to help at all. This is a complicated one - as described above, it depends a lot on your background, your relationship with Alistair, the amount of support you gained from the nobles, and your willingness to show clemency towards Loghain.

Alistair can rule alone or with Anora if you opt for a political alliance; he can also rule alongside the Warden if she's a human noble.

Alternatively Anora may rule alone or with a male human noble as consort. If the latter, Alistair will be killed, exiled, or stripped of his claim and returned to the Wardens.

The majority of players will be inclined to put Alistair on the throne, here, as he's a popular party member - but if you're roleplaying a ruthless Warden then kicking him out and marrying Anora yourself is an option.

Currying meagre support with the nobles leads, in most cases, to Anora ruling alone. Here you determine who landed the killing blow on the Archdemon: you, Alistair, or Loghain.

If Morrigan's ritual is completed, this is mostly for determining bragging rights. If not, however, this determines who dies.

If your Warden died, this is when they did it. Alternatively, Loghain's redemption can occur in this way or Alistair can sacrifice himself to save his friend or lover.

The Architect is an intelligent, talking darkspawn encountered in the Awakening expansion and a major character in the second novel. After contending with the Warden for some time he reveals a plan to pacify the darkspawn and end future Blights.

The Warden can choose to continue doing what they do at this point and kill the Architect, or listen to the plan and agree to spare him - perhaps out of a desire to break the cycle of Blights.

This is a tough call - kill him and nothing changes, spare him and risk another Blight beginning sooner rather than later.

The latter decision, I think, is most likely to come from Wardens with an open mind, an interest in esoteric magic, or simply a desire to see an end to conflict.

At the end of Awakening you have the option to protect either the Warden stronghold of Vigil's Keep, or the city of Amaranthine, from darkspawn assault - though it is also possible to save both if you've been diligent about clearing sidequests throughout the game.

Vigil's Keep is a military asset while Amaranthine is full of innocent people - the Warden's decision will hinge primarily on their compassion relative to their pragmatism.

Oghren is the only Origins companion to return in the expansion, which is why he has a separate entry here. He's a dwarf who likes dwarf things, like drinking and fighting and beards and sex.

If you like those things too, you probably recruited him. In Origins, it's possible to reunite Oghren with his estranged partner, Felsi.

By the time of Awakening they've had a child and his quests revolve around reuniting them and patching up their relationship.

Beacon of understanding? You probably made this work. Don't give a shit aobut the personal lives of your companions?

You probably busied yourself stabbing darkspawn instead. At the end of this piece of DLC you're offered a new set of abilities if you quaff a blood magic potion of questionable provenance.

Hungry for power? Neck it down. Otherwise, best give it a miss. The golden rule for not turning into a monster in Thedas is 'don't put that in your mouth you moron'.

Sophia is a demon-possessed former Warden commander; Avernus is a blood mage used by the Wardens to devise new ways to battle the Blight. In doing so, they roped in human test subjects and everything went to hell.

In resolving the quest you can slay Avernus and allow Sophia's demon to go free - the evil option - or take no risks and slay them both.

On the other hand, if you spare Avernus you can determine the type of research he continues to do: will you let him do whatever he likes, or hold him to ethical standards?

The latter is a nice balance of pragmatism and compassion - normally you have to choose between them. Shale is a dwarven golem with a mind of her own and a really fun party member to have around.

She's recruited as a matter of course in this DLC but she can be killed if the Warden sides with Branka at the end of Paragon of Her Kind.

The quest to activate Shale involves a possessed cat, a man, and his daughter. The exact outcome depends more on how well you finesse the quest itself than any particular moral choice.

Killing Kitty with neither Amalia nor her father being possessed is the best outcome, whereas everything else is a compromise in the demon's favour.

At the end of Witch Hunt, many years after the end of the Blight, the Warden tracks down Morrigan. She's standing in front of a mysterious portal called an Eluvian, an elvish mirror that leads If the Warden has a good reason to stay behind - a love interest, perhaps, or a really compelling hobby - then you probably allowed Morrigan to go through without you.

If the Warden romanced Morrigan or really wanted to meet their old god demon baby, the Warden has the option to enter the Eluvian as well.

If you're still mad at Morrigan for trying to get you to knock her up on the eve of the biggest battle of your life, you can stab her and watch as she stumbles back through the portal.

Good job, hero. Hawke is always human, so this is a choice of class and gender only. Hawke's class has a much more pronounced affect on Dragon Age 2 than it does on Origins, so its worth considering carefully.

Mages are integral to the plot, and if Hawke is a mage then their involvement is many significant events comes naturally - honestly, I've long felt that this is the way the game should be played.

If Hawke is a warrior or rogue, however, they are afforded the opportunity to take a more neutral approach to Kirkwall's politics - to the extent that their family obligations permit it.

You're also asked to pick the approach that Hawke used most often in conversation. Compassionate and social-minded Hawkes are diplomatic; neutral and pragmatic Hawkes might be humorous; Hawkes that like to solve problems by exploding people are aggressive.

If you're filling out the Keep from scratch, your choice here should make several later decisions easier to make.

Hawke has a lot of romance options. You might go for troubled rebel mage Anders and the cool glowy spirit that lives in him male or female Hawkes ; gravel-voiced elf-goth Fenris and his radical tattoos male or female Hawkes ; hilarious, treacherous pirate queen Isabela male or female Hawkes ; Thedas' only adorable blood mage, Merrill male or female Hawkes ; or Sebastian, the prince-turned-priest who somehow manages to be the most boring man in Kirkwall female only.

One of Hawke's siblings will die at the beginning of the game as the family escapes Lothering. If Hawke is a warrior or a rogue, Carver dies.

If Hawke is a mage, Bethany. This is because the universe course-corrects to ensure that the party always has a mage in it.

The fate of the surviving sibling depends on whether or not Hawke takes them on Bartrand's expedition to the Deep Roads at the end of Act 1, and what they do there.

If Bethany is left behind, she'll be taken away to become a Circle mage. If Carver is left behind, he becomes a Templar. If they're taken to the Deep Roads, they will accidentally ingest darkspawn blood see also: 'don't put that in your mouth, you moron' and start dying from the corruption.

If Anders isn't in the party, they die there. If Anders is in the party, however, then either Carver or Bethany can be taken to become a Grey Warden.

If Bethany becomes a Circle mage then it is possible for her to die in the final battle. If Hawke sides with the Templars and repeatedly refuses to reconcile with his sister, then she'll be executed.

Choose this option if your Hawke is an irredeemable dickhead, I guess. Will he be in the fray for a third time, or staying on the sidelines like Inquisition's advisor characters?

Who else? Dragon Age has a history of reusing characters, like Alistair who was a companion in Origins and returned for appearances in the two sequels or Leliana who shares a similar trajectory.

It's safe to say that we'll see some more familiar faces in Dragon Age 4, but which ones? So far BioWare has committed to hanging up its protagonists between Dragon Age games.

Each adventure comes with a new hero, though the Grey Warden and Hawke do have the ability to cameo in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It's possible we might then see an appearance of The Inquisitor in Dragon Age 4, but they'll likely not be center stage. Flemeth, like Solas, is either elven legend or a god going by many names, who has seemed to be an underlying force in the overarching plot of the series.

It seems likely that she will make an appearance as well. Another old friend that may make a comeback is Fenris, the Tevinter elven warrior from Dragon Age 2.

He was the star of a Dragon Age comic called Blue Wraith in It's hard to say whether Fenris appearing in a comic is setting him up for a cameo in Dragon Age 4 or for retirement as a character.

Previous party members showing up in supporting Dragon Age media have gone both ways in the past. Tevinter mage Dorian Pavus seems like another likely candidate given that he headed back to his homeland in Inquisition's final DLC.

He made a quick appearance in the Tevinter Nights stories. Some of the concept art shown during the behind the scenes video in summer sure looked like that familiar mustached mage too.

In early , Kotaku reported that Dragon Age 4 had been rebooted as a "live" game to better fit with EA's push for "games as a service" that could continue to generate revenue after initial launch sales.

After the report, BioWare's general manager Casey Hudson clarified that "live" didn't necessarily have to be at odds with what players love about Dragon Age games.

BioWare certainly won't be immune to whatever monetization strategies EA enforces. We can hope that the BioWare team manages to fit those goals into a form that doesn't feel at odds with the single-player-first experience we expect from a Dragon Age game.

Lauren loves long books and even longer RPGs. Once you've made a decision, the name plate on the tile will turn white so you can keep track of the changes you've made.

It's up to you if you'd like to continue and make the highlighted changes, or choose a different decision. This means that you will occasionally need to solve conflicting choices manually.

First, make sure the friend you wish to share your world state with is your friend in the Keep. To add friends, go to the tab with the person icon and type that friend's EA Origin username in the search field.

It may take some time for them to appear in your friends list. A pop-up will appear. Here, you can add or edit the world state's title and description, and select the friend you want to share it with.

Once shared, your friend will receive a notification and be able to add the shared world state into one of their available slots. Message 4 of 18 , Views.

Clicking on an individual tile will bring you to that particular section. You can also view sections by game using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

To move between a game's sections, use the arrows on the right and left of the screen. After drilling down into a section, you'll be able to see all items you have and don't have for that particular category.

Click on the achievement, reward, or DLC item you'd like to unlock. Click on ' Request Unlock. The item will then appear and remain as unlocked forever in the Keep.

Click on a different platform under ' Connected Platforms. They're just to add a bit of fun to your Keep experience! And yes, you can manually unlock them too.

Message 5 of 18 , Views. If you don't have an account, you can create one at this stage. To log in, click the eye icon above the comic, or the 'View' link below it.

This will open a pop-up. Click 'login' to log in or create a new account. You'll be re-directed to the Dark Horse Comics login page.

Follow the steps on the page to log in or create an account. After you've completed the sign in process, this message will appear.

Check the box and hit submit so that the Keep may display your Dragon Age Dark Horse Comics titles correctly. Once you're logged in, the Dark Horse Comics site will remain in the Keep.

To see your Dark Horse comics in the Keep, simply click on 'All Titles' in the upper left corner. Now you're ready to get reading!

Comics you already own are marked with the red flags. To quickly switch between comic series, use the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

If you already know what you're looking for, use the search bar in the upper right corner. When you've found one you want to view, click 'Read' or the eye icon.

This opens up the reader view. Use the arrows at the bottom left and right corners to flip between pages. Use the tools in the top right corner of the reader to toggle the view to your preference.

Find the comic you'd like to purchase, and click 'Buy. A pop-up will appear that contains a link to buy the comic that also lists the purchase price.

After clicking ' Buy ,' the Dark Horse Comics store will appear in the Keep. Follow the steps there to complete your transaction. Once that's finished, click 'All Titles' in the upper left corner to refresh the Dark Horse Digital Comics page.

The comic you bought will now have a red flag showing that you own it. Click 'Read' to start a new adventure!

Trouble switching Dark Horse Accounts If you've logged in with one Dark Horse account and want to switch accounts, log out of your account on the Dark Horse Digital Comics site, then log out of the Keep, log back into the Keep, and follow the steps above to authorize a new account.

Message 6 of 18 , Views. Click ' P rint ' in the upper right corner. Next, a pop-up window will appear with some customization options. Don't worry, you'll be able to make further edits later on.

Use the dropdown menu to choose whether you'd like to print your entire tapestry, or only one game section.

Select a canvas or a framed paper print. Both styles are high-quality prints that look great on any wall.

Once you're satisfied with your choices, click ' buy now ' to proceed to CanvasPop! Here, you can further customize your print by swapping out different tiles.

Just hover over a tile and the 'Change Image' button will appear. If you're not satisfied with the tapestry layout, simply scroll up and select a custom size and layout to create a totally new print using Keep art!

You can add any art tile available in the Keep to your tapestry! When you're satisfied with how your tapestry looks, hit ' done designing? Here, you can check to make sure everything looks the way you want it before you purchase your print.

Can't wait to show it off to your friends? You can also share a preview image to social media using the ' share ' buttons located further down the page.

After you've chosen your frame or other display style, you're ready to buy your very own Dragon Age Keep tapestry print. First, select whether you'd like a canvas print or a framed paper print.

Next, select the layout of your custom print. The amount of tiles you're able to add to a collage may depend on the size of the print.

Afterwards, select what style of border you would like. After you've made your choice, now you're ready to start adding your favorite Keep tiles!

Click ' select an image ' over any spot to open the tile picker. Click on a desired tile to add that image to the slot.

Once you're finished filling up your layout, press ' done designing? Ta da! These characters and their companions make appearances and play roles in other stories in the series, and decisions a player made in Origins can cause trouble in Inquisition , or in the upcoming Dragon Age 4 game, if the player wants them to.

For a player's decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to appear and alter the plot of Inquisition , players will need to sign into the Keep and input their decisions from those games.

Players can save up to ten new World States in the Keep for future use. What players may not know, however, is that they do not need to start a new run of Dragon Age: Inquisition to update their World State and play using this new one.

This makes it convenient for players who want to try different options without replaying the full series, or who want to prepare several different canon options for Dragon Age 4.

Here's how to change the World State from the Keep without starting over in Dragon Age: Inquisition. To do this, players will need to download and install the DAI Save Game Editor mod by Shuls.

Then, the player will need to determine what they want to change about their World State and enter the Keep. They can make as many adjustments as they want.

Then, when they are happy with their changes, they should navigate to the panel on the right side of the screen and choose Export to DA: Inquisition.

Alternatively, the player could create and save an entirely different World State if they want to keep their current options for later use.

Dragon Age Keep
Dragon Age Keep Once a hero is Big Little Liars, there's no way to get them back. The Chantry is a monotheistic religion who worship a personal god known as the Maker and venerates the prophet Andraste, a former slave who led an uprising against the Tevinter Imperium in a movement called an "Exalted March". This means that choices you've made previously may need to be change to ensure you always have a valid world state. The tiles will remain unreadable until you complete the plot in-game. Main article: Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.


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