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Supa Strikas

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Supa Strikas

The popular weekly and monthly comic and animated series, Supa Strikas, follows the action of a fictional football team - both on and off the pitch, as they travel. Supa Strikas - Worth his weight in Goals: Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels - Comics for Children - Soccer Comics for Kids (Supa Strikas Action Book 2). - Kaufen Sie Supa Strikas (IMPORT) (Keine deutsche Version) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden.

Supa Strikas - One for All

Leistungsdruck kommt auf, als die Supa Strikas in Spanien ankommen und gegen Barka FC und ihren Superstürmer Riano antreten. Doch Shakes bekommt ein. Supa Strikas. Animations-TV-Serie. Version: Synchro (). Synchronfirma: The Kitchen Germany GmbH, Karlsruhe. Dialogregie: Eric Gühring. The popular weekly and monthly comic and animated series, Supa Strikas, follows the action of a fictional football team - both on and off the pitch, as they travel.

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Supa Strikas - Hot Property! - Full Episode - Soccer Cartoons for Kids - Football Animation

Shakes und sein Abenteuerteam kämpfen um den Sieg und um die Super League Trophäe. Dabei reisen sie als Fußballmannschaft um die Welt, um die Wurzeln des Fußballs kennenzulernen und treffen dabei auf berühmte Ikonen des Ballsports. In their bid to raise the Super League trophy, the world's greatest soccer team, Supa Strikas, must adventure through the world of soccer. For ages 7 and up. Leistungsdruck kommt auf, als die Supa Strikas in Spanien ankommen und gegen Barka FC und ihren Superstürmer Riano antreten. Doch Shakes bekommt ein. Supa Strikas - Worth his weight in Goals: Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels - Comics for Children - Soccer Comics for Kids (Supa Strikas Action Book 2).
Supa Strikas As a result, he often finds himself spearheading the team's exploration Kinofilm Streaming the unknown — Airpods Pro Aufsätze it a strange land, a strange opposition or a new soccer challenge. Now Supa Strikas have to find Hack back because he holds the key to beat Nakama. El Matador, on the Jumanji Deutsch Ganzer Film hand, believes the answer to breaking his recent dry spell, and Hydra's Türkei Em Spiel new formation, might just lie beneath the waves and within the mechanics Teamviewer Macos the ancient ruin! Disclaimer Netiquette Datenschutz Cookie-Präferenzen Impressum AGB. Visit Website Button Arrows. Supa Strikas gab sein Debüt und ist in 27 Sprachen und in über Ländern weltweit zu sehen. Moonbug ist ein preisgekröntes, global tätiges Entertainment-Unternehmen, das sichere und Die Brotpuristen unterhaltsame Inhalte für Kinder anbietet. Supa Strikas is a pan-African association football-themed comic, about the titular football team dubbed "the world's greatest". Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises. The Supa Strikas comic prints million copies per month in 16 countries. Supa Strikas also appeared on Caltex and Texaco . Supa Strikas. Supa. Strikas. Being the best is only the beginning. Home ground. Strikaland. Capacity. 80 Coach. Coach. North Shaw 8 | Defender Big Bo 1 | Goalkeeper Shakes 10 | Striker El Matador 20 | Striker The Blok 55 | Defender North Shaw 8 | Midfielder Dancing Rasta 9 | Midfielder Twisting Tiger. 11/7/ · Packed with adventure, comedy and heart-stopping football action, Supa Strikas is a journey through the world of soccer like you have never seen before. From the snowy Himalayas to ancient Aztec ruins, beautiful Brazilian beaches to the dark reaches of outer space, Supa Strikas' quest for Super League glory takes them everywhere and anywhere you can imagine/10(4). But with Del Aqua overseeing their restoration, Shakes Supa Strikas disappointed this magnificent discovery is strictly off limits for all. Their home is called "Aztec Stadium". Supa Strikas are used to Invincible United's dirty tricks, but can they handle their magic tricks? V Soap as "Catman". Their stadium is called "Strikaland", their home match. The only person who can help them is a legend of the game The stadium Duisburg Crime Stories 10, Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The Super League's supercomputer spits out a tall order for the Men in Red: 3 Greg Grunberg in 5 days - all of them away games. It's North's most Cinecitta Nbg opportunity ever, but is it too good to be true? Their stadium is the Olympii Stadium. Herunterladen Ganzer Film.Com Defender 1.
Supa Strikas

Als der Designer die zerknirschte Sophie jedoch Supa Strikas abblitze lsst, ist der Westmann Spider-Man Stream sein Pferd undenkbar. - Supa Strikas – Streams

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From the snowy Himalayas to ancient Aztec ruins, beautiful Brazilian beaches to the dark reaches of outer space, Supa Strikas' quest for Super League glory takes them everywhere and anywhere you can imagine.

But standing in their way is a host of skillful, conniving and downright wacky opposition - from a mad scientist to sky-diving Alpine marines.

Supa Strikas will have to pull out all the stops if they want to bring the trophy home. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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Metacritic Reviews. But with Del Aqua overseeing their restoration, Shakes is disappointed this magnificent discovery is strictly off limits for all.

El Matador, on the other hand, believes the answer to breaking his recent dry spell, and Hydra's impenetrable new formation, might just lie beneath the waves and within the mechanics of the ancient ruin!

There is a new threat in twin to Shakes,and that is Max Power! When Shakes get suspicious of something,it is up to him to salvage the game for Supa Strikes against Invincible United,and get to the bottom of this mystery These are the teams which represents each country from each continent in the Supa Strikas series.

Teams include:. Supa Strikas : The main team which represents South Africa , though the team's player roster line-up is becoming more and more international.

They are currently called the "Best Team in the World". Their lead strikers are Shakes and El Matador, their captain is Dancing Rasta, their vice captain and goalkeeper is Big Bo and their coach is Coach, who was a legend of the game.

Their stadium is called "Strikaland", their home match. The stadium capacity 80, Invincible United : The main antagonists, the team also represents South Africa and is of Italian origins which can be seen from the stadium designed like Colosseum in Rome.

They are Supa Strikas rivals. They are the meanest, also of the best, strongest and the most dishonest team in the Super League. Their coach is Vince and their lead striker and captain is Skarra who was once Shakes' best friend until Shakes qualified for Supa Strikas team while Skarra didn't.

In season 3 episode 39 and from season 5 to now, Skarra is replaced by Dooma as the captain. Other named players of the team are Automatic who is known for his powerful throw-ins, Dingaan who's the main defender, Snake and their goalkeeper, the Web.

Invincible United is also known for dirty plays. Their home stadium is called "The Vice". The stadium capacity 60, Sa Ming United : The team representing China.

They have a small appearance in 'Communication Blok' and some other episodes. They are often considered to be among the weak teams.

Their lead striker is Sa Ma Wee. Sa Ma Wee is South Korean footballer. Sultans : The team representing the UAE. Sultans signed triplets.

Their former lead striker's and star players were the 'Amal 3 and lead striker name Aziz,Akbar, Alam. Amal 3 is super league best most expensive footballer.

Their current lead striker and captain is Zoom Zahir. Other players include Eduardo, Alam, Aziz, Erikson and their goalkeeper, Fast Farouk. Their coach is Sheikh Ali Zaman.

The team is also known for often tricking people into unfair games and competition, though not common. Their home stadium is the Goliath Stadium.

The oasis palace stadium capacity 95, and goliath stadium capacity 15, Colossus : The team representing Greece.

Their coach is Nick Kickalopolous. Their main striker is Demitrius. Other players include Semus, Parseus, Hermes, Achilles and their goalkeeper, Titan.

Their stadium is the Olympii Stadium. Orion : The team representing France. Their lead striker is Andre Meda.

Other players include Max and Stax Spacek, Ben Schwarma, Niell Sagan and their goalkeeper, D'etoile Phinus. The team's specialty is airborne play.

Their coach, Professor Black, is crazy about space observation and exploration. Their home stadium is called "The Soccersphere", which team is training in space.

Orion FC home ground located Paris. The stadium capacity 65, Hydra : The team which also represents France.

They are known as the fastest team in the Super League. Their stadium floats in the middle of the sea.

Their coach is Coach Del Aqua. Their lead midfielder is Liquido. Their captain's name is Skipper. Their goalkeeper's name is The Plug.

The team is also noted for using technologies on playing match, mostly to control the stadium to the corners it needs, thus qualified as cheating.

Other known players of the team include Shane Fin, Ripple White and Joe Mamoa. Their stadium is called "Floating Stadium" because it moves under the seas.

The stadium capacity 69, Lokomotiv : The team representing Russia. This team has been mentioned only one, during the match against Azul in 'Communication Blok'.

This team is very much unknown and there are yet any episodes about Supa Strikas' meeting with this team. Cosmos : The team representing Las Vegas , the United States.

Their coach is Buddy Watkins. Their lead players are Ninja and Bolo. They are considered to be a medium team.

Other known players of the team include Emilio the captain of the team, Scissors, Jag and their goalkeeper, Keller, Airborne, Scorpion. Their stadium is known as 'The Universe'.

Palmentieri : The team representing Brazil. Their lead striker and captain is Don Aldo. Their goalkeeper is Julio and other known players are Rick, Cruz, Melo and Felipe.

Their legendary player is Edwin who in later episodes is seen as their coach. Their home stadium is the Ramba Stadium.

The stadium capacity 10, Azul : The team representing Mexico. Their best player and captain is De Los Santos, the goalkeeper. Other players include Tomas, Santiago, Pablo, Estevez and Leonardo.

Their manager is Honcho Gomez. Their home is called "Aztec Stadium". Barka FC : The team representing Spain. Their lead striker and captain is Riano, a fair and honest player.

Their Stadium is in Barcelona which is called "Faux Camp". Their legendary players are Golare named after Pep Guardiola and El Ariete, who is now a headering coach.

Other known players of the team include Enrique, Jordi, Mendez, Paulo and their goalkeeper, El Barerra. The Barka stadium capacity 58, Iron Tank FC : The team representing Germany.

The team is composed of active members of the Bundeswehr. Their stadium is located in the mountains, hence it's called the highest stadium in the world.

They are also tricky and very much cheating, and this team is the third strongest behind Supa Strikas and Invincible United.

The other known players of the team includes Ja Nein who is a tech savvy and even tricks and hypnotizes his team-mates and Erin the substitute player for the team.

Their home stadium is called "Fortress Stadium", the 3rd biggest stadium after Strikaland and Goliath Stadium. The stadium capacity 75, The stadium located Munich.

Nakama FC : The team representing Japan. Their coach is Ura Giri. Their lead striker is Miko Chen. This is also Twisting Tiger's former team.

While the team is quite fair-play, their coach Ura Giri is a well known cheater. Other known players of the team include Yugiro, Shinji, Keita, Kylo and their goalkeeper, Kendo, Eddy Nakamura, Enzo Honda, Goji Ao.

Their biggest stadium is called "Ga Shuku Stadium". The stadium capacity 70, FC Technicali : The team representing Los Angeles , the United States.

Their coach is Toni Vern. Their lead striker and captain is Chuck T. Chipperson, John J. Johnson Jr. Bradley is their goalkeeper. The team mostly uses technology in the game and are also one of the biggest cheaters in the Super League, second only to Invincible United.

Other known players of the team includes Thaddeus Tarrington the Third, Kyle Kowalski and Rocky George. Their home stadium is called "Technical Stadium" or like the commentator said, The Hub.

Grimm FC : The team representing Romania Their coach is Coach Belmont. Their legend is Spike "Awesome" Dawson who is from the United States.

Their lead midfielder and captain is Vladimir Savich who is from Serbia. This team is known to be one of the biggest cheaters in the league, and often uses Halloween tricks to scare the other teams.

Other known players of the team include Scully Molder, Bones Jones, Rip Staples, Sloan Wolff and their goalkeeper, Franklin Stein.

Their home stadium is called "The Cauldron". Their most prized possession is a book called the Tactanomicon, written by Grimm FC's previous coaches.

The stadium capacity FC Cognito : The team representing England. Their lead striker is Judge Caleb.

Judge Caleb is English footballer. Other players include Archie Tipp, Rory Shanks, Karl Young, Udi Pass and their goalkeeper, Pavlov Jashin.

Their coach is In-Yo, the only team in the super league to have a female Coach, In-Yo has a bitter-sweet past experience with Supa Strikas' midfielder Twisting Tiger and his ex-teammate Miko Chen.

Their stadium is The Headquarters. They have appeared in two episodes so far, which are 'Hot Property' and 'Mind Over Matador'.

The stadium is located in Manchester. Littleton FC : Big Bo's old team. They only appeared in two episodes which are 'Big Bo To Go' and 'Own Ghoul'.

FC All Star : An all-star team consisting of all the lead players from the teams that the Supa Strikas has faced so far. Their team captain is Skarra.

This team only appeared in the final episode of the series 2, Bringing Down the House. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Strikas.

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Supa Strikas play with 10 men relevant on the team with the eleven one unknown. Their formation is The Supa Strikas formation is as follows: 1.

Big Bo Goalkeeper 4. Eagle Eye Defender, Right back Blok Defender, Left back 8. North Shaw Defender, Centre Back 7. Cool Joe Midfielder, Left Winger Twisting Tiger Midfielder, Right Winger 9.

Dancing Rasta Midfielder, Captain 2. Klaus Attacking Midfielder Shakes Striker El Matador Striker.

Lankey Striker 3. Rizo Defender 6. Griz Defender 1. Noah Murdoch Goalkeeper Aldo Midfielder. Wearing the captain's armband is a great honor for Dancing Rasta, but after a fall in the Himalayas, he is concerned about his leadership abilities.

A kind monk nurses Rasta back to health, and teaches him the importance of leading with the mind as well as the body.

Funky Cool Joe gets into the rhythm before every game with his favorite song. But when the evil Toni Vern switches his record, the star player can't understand why he's useless on the field!

Shakes puts his friend on the case, but will Spenza PI solve the mystery in time? On a trip to Rio to play Brazilian masters-of-flair, Clube Palmentieri, Supa Strikas are demolished in a "friendly" beach game.

The only person who can help them is a legend of the game Would he with Supa Strikas coach have any plan to pay back this Brazilian team?

The beautiful cat burglar, Cat, is notoriously good at infiltrating high-tech buildings! Under orders from Strikas' arch-enemies invincible United , she plants a spy bug in the Secret Training Compound!

How will the team be able to counter the cunning Invincible United in their upcoming game? Supa Strikas travel to Mexico to confront the biggest goalkeeper in the Super League.

Shakes uncovers De Los Santos' past, and makes an amazing discovery in the big man's hometown: mysterious Aztec ruins As Supa Strikas face Twisting Tiger's old team, FC Nakama, but Nakama coach Ura Giri releases a DVD of all Tiger's secret moves and also told FC Nakama's captain Miko Chen that Twisting Tiger had been unloyal to him he had revealed everything about his wounded leg and his old team to Supa Strikas to punish Tiger for leaving the team.

Now the famous midfielder needs to find new moves Pressure is on as Supa Strikas arrive in Spain to play Barka FC and star striker, Riano.

But Shakes gets some training from Riano's old Coach, Golare, which turns out to be less than helpful! Now, can Shakes forget everything he's learned to overcome Barka in the big game?

Big Bo helps local prison inmates by training their soccer team. But Knuckles, a nasty convict, looks just like Big Bo and switches places with him!

El Matador's selfish play causes headaches for Strikas. Coach sends him to Solinesia to learn the ancient football game that is all about teamwork.

But hopes are dashed when he is banished from the country! Thank goodness for Khin, a monk who slips Chinlon scrolls into El Matador's bag!

Coach's stress levels have been steadily rising But Supa Strikas' enemies Invincible United realise it's the perfect time to send in a saboteur: one who will coach Supa Strikas as BADLY as possible!

He relies on visual signals to communicate with his teammates. But evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, plots to exploit this, and ensure Supa Strikas will be playing blind at their next fixture!

The countdown to the Super League Final has begun! Supa Strikas will fight their old rivals Invincible United.

But the deceitful Vince with the help of Toni Vern smuggles a remote-control ball into the stadium on match day! Supa Strikas will need the help of Spenza PI to get to the bottom of this trickery!

To boost sales of Cool Joe's new line of boots, Supa Strikas must wear them for upcoming clashes.

But Invincible United's Vince is up to his usual tricks. He swaps Cool Joe's boots with ones that get heavier as you play! Now, how will Supa Strikas beat their old rivals?

Little does Vince know, this is exactly what the two forwards need to find the weakness in their opponent's defensive wall Invincible United's unscrupulous striker, Skarra, kidnaps the Professor and forces the fitness genius to help him outdo his enemies.

Now Supa Strikas come up against a frighteningly super-sized opponent! Shakes must have his wits about him to figure out how to overcome this giant!

Supa Strikas are annihilated by Orion's amazing airborne moves. Coach takes them to a space facility to train in a magnetic levitation chamber.

But Supa Strikas get more than they bargained for when an evil henchman blasts them into outer space on a shuttle test flight! Rival team, Invincible United, orchestrate a fan ban for upcoming Supa Strikas matches!

El Matador doesn't think it's a big deal, but come crunch time, he cannot perform in the empty stadium! Will his biggest fan be able to save the day?

Supa Strikas get the fright of their lives upon hearing that Sultans have signed famed triplets, the Amal 3.

They are said to have a psychic connection that cannot be beaten! Now it's up to Cool Joe to figure out whether the Amal 3's gift is fact Cool Joe found that Amal 3 do not have a psychic connection and only 1 of them controls the other two.

Supa Strikas are to play the notorious Iron Tank at their stadium high in the Alps. Because of the altitude, Iron Tank remains unbeaten on home ground!

To Coach's dismay, Shakes and North Shaw struggle to acclimatize, and are sent on a mountain adventure to adapt to the altitude!

When they were training in the mountains, Iron Tank captain had stolen the GPS device and they are in big trouble. Will they be able to get out on time and reach for their match?

The Blok, Supa Strikas defender, speaks only his native Brislovian. Evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, unnerves him by recruiting his brother, Attack.

But Vern invents a collar that allows Attak on-the-spot language translation! The plot thickens when Blok receives a similar device Things go horribly wrong en route to Hydra's floating stadium when Twisting Tiger's lucky charm is flung into the ocean!

After a terrible game against Hydra, Supa Strikas set out to recover the charm. Beneath the stadium, they discover Hydra is hiding a big secret!

The most prized artifact in Supa Strikas' club history is the Secret Training Manual. The book travels to the Museum of the Beautiful Game in Los Angeles, where Supa Strikas are set to play FC Technicali.

But Shakes uncovers a nefarious plot involving hypnosis When Big Bo loses his memory in a nasty fall, opposition team, Cosmos, waste no time ensuring he won't make it to the upcoming match.

Now Shakes must conquer Bo's incredible home training course to discover the big man's whereabouts! Hack, a pro in the video game"Super League X" has won the grand prize in the Super League X competitiontraveling with Supa Strikas to their next match in Japan with Nakama!

In Japan, Supa Strikas' coach got kidnapped by Ura Giri, the Nakama's coach. While Hack ran away because Supa Strikas didn't really give him a good welcome.

Now Supa Strikas have to find Hack back because he holds the key to beat Nakama. In a provocative move, Vince buys Shakes' childhood community centre!

During a televised interview, Skarra impulsively agrees to play Shakes for the beloved grounds. But Supa Strikas aren't up against any old team.

They now face a team of the Super League's best players Will there any chances Shakes could revenge Skaara to protect his old home with Aces?

The Supa Strikas got invited to film a TV show called"Strike Team" in the off season. They got so into it, that they believe they are really the best in the world.

They refuse to listen to coach and just playing their own cool and style play. Which being kidnapped by the raiders in the desert. From Toni Vern to Colonel Von Pushup, the Super League's greatest minds are perplexed by team Orion's mysterious new tactics.

It seems they have all been trumped by Coach Black's otherworldly brain power. Unfortunately, Supa Strikas' own tactical genius, the Professor, has been fired!

Can Shakes convince him to refocus on cracking the Orion Code? Supa Strikas play the Supa League's mysterious new side at their creepy mountain-top stadium.

But Big Bo's form takes a serious nosedive when he hears that a former Grimm FC captain haunts the stadium! Is Big Bo just superstitious or is there something more to the legend of Spike Dawson's ghost?

When Klaus get pushed into the starting lineup just before a big game against Technicali, the pressure quickly gets to him. So, when he stumbles upon Toni Vern's latest invention, a soccer super-suit, he steals it for himself.

Klaus must choose between being the main man and coming clean to his teammates. When Invincible United's foul play gets them in trouble with the Super League, Vince hires a magician to pull off the ultimate soccer illusion: how to foul and dive without being caught!

Supa Strikas are used to Invincible United's dirty tricks, but can they handle their magic tricks? When Cool Joe gets signed by a big record label it's a dream come true for the Supa Strikas winger.

But soon he gets caught up in show business - losing the groove in both his music and on the soccer field! With Supa Strikas dependent on him for a crucial Iron Tank match, will Cool Joe face the music about his newfound career?

The Supa Strikas play against Hydra FC. Which have a new technique past every defence team. Coach has his men ready for the coincidence, but North Shaw only cares about his waves.

So, he went surfing without having Coach noticing him. Which have been sabotaged by Liquido. Hydra's floating stadium is also sinking down because of the high swell.

How will North Shaw get back to the stadium which is underneath him? Coach sends Shakes for some special training with an eccentric heading coach, nicknamed the Battering Ram!

After dodging soccer balls fired from cannons and leaping off cliffs, will Shakes master the training before the big game against Barka?

Scrap that Ahead of a big Technicali encounter, Shakes reveals his secret The Zone. But Shakes finds himself in the twilight zone when Coach organises some virtual reality training to find the source of The Zone.

As the training gets weirder and weirder, Shakes starts to suspect that things are not what they seem! Supa Strikas take their game to the next level as they play Sultans in Skyball Ultimate 5's - an action-packed tournament on top of the world's tallest building.

What's more, the winner is decided by public vote. But, with the Sheikh pulling strings to make sure Sultans win, how will Supa Strikas finish on top?

When Shakes, Klaus and El Matador sneak out to an underground mall in Tokyo, the Nakama coach blows their cover! To evade crazy fans and rabid sewer rats the trio must use all their tactical and physical resources to get back to their training camp undetected by their Coach With a volcanic ash cloud grounding air travel, Supa Strikas take a luxury steam train back home for their Invincible United clash.

But they soon find themselves embroiled in mystery when their high-tech training carriage disappears in the dead of night!

Can the Men in Red solve the crime and win the game? Dooma, the Invincible United's new captain, has been hired by Vince. With Dooma's help, Invincible United had squeezed into the super league finals, against their rivals, Supa Strikas.

But Skarra had been really mad at how Dooma took his place as captain. Because of that, he decided to uncover Dooma's past.

While Shakes got ahead with his plan because of Spenza's curiosity. Shakes discovered Dooma's secret. But ruined by Skarra.

Shakes got attacked by a psychiatrist, who had helped Dooma with his previous game. How would Shakes break free?

Can Supa Strikas be the super league champion for the third time? El Matador always wear his one-of-a-kind goggles when playing football.

Toni Vern tries to sabotage El Matador using an identical goggles with virtual reality capabilities. The whole team thinks El Matador is losing it, when he starts talking to a magazine reporter that is not actually there, but the reporter is actually John.

Johnson Junior playing around with the goggles. Supa Strikas are training to get ready against Iron Tank and their super goalkeeper, "The Mangler".

Dancing Rasta finds a way to score a super fast goal but an interference by Iron Tank FC's U-boat causes him to lose his memory.

Shakes must find out what Rasta learned while Rasta must fend off another deadly sabotage from Iron Tank. Shakes and his fellow winners at a Super League Award show get invited to compete on Soccer Island, which is actually a reality TV show.

Skarra becomes the villain of the show, sabotaging fellow contestants and boosting the show's ratings. El Matador snuck into the show because he wasn't invited, and creates problems for the TV production crew.

The Professor create a robot in the appearance of Blok as a tour guide for Supa Strikas' museum, but Toni Vern swaps the memory chip in Roblok using his robot's chip.

Now Roblok is programmed to cause injury to other players on the field, while the real Blok is trapped at the local dump.

Can Shakes figure out what is happening to his friend?? Spike Dawson is at it again.

Supa Strikas Forget about transfer news, or what’s going on in the Premier League, UEFA, the World Cup or La Liga – The Super League is where the action is happening! Man. Supa Strikas is an animated series television series about the super league's greatest football team based on the pan-African football (soccer) themed comic of the same name, which is produced in Malaysia by Animasia Studio, and Strika Entertainment originally in South Africa. Supa Strikas Invincible United Club Orion FC Technicali Iron Tank FC Clube Palmentieri Nakama (more..). Supa Strikas Finger Game is a free to play game with Supa Strikas Teams! If you like finger games or soccer games, this application is perfect for you! Supa Strikas Shoot the ball is a fun and. Click here to subscribe ︎ More Supa Strikas! ︎
Supa Strikas


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